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AC/DC Licenced Product Baby Romper

Sourpuss 'AC/DC' Licenced Product Baby Romper

Is your little one a chip off the ol' block? Need their first Band tee? Chuck the pastels and get that baby some dynamite threads with our AC/DC One Piece. It features a repeated print of the ACDC logo with electric guitars and ligtning bolts. This is a licensed product. It's the perfect way to get 'em following in your hard-rockin', black-tee-wearin' footsteps.

  • 100% cotton
  • High grade fabric
  • Quality screen print
  • Snap button closures

                            Chest     Length

0-3 months          50          36

3-6 months          54          37

6-12 months        56          39

12-18 months      62          41

These are the onesies actual measurements, in CM.

Length taken from the top shoulder to the crutch

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Baby Romper Size: 3 Months


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