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Floozy Web Purse Black/Silver

Sourpuss 'Floozy Web Purse Black/Silver

Our popular Floozy Purse is a tried-and-true classic with a vintage silhouette that'll have you turning heads. It features all the bells & whistles that you love, such as a kiss lock closure, sturdy handles, circular metal feet and room inside for your necessities. But hold onto your hats, because we've updated this shiny, black bag with silver spiderweb embroidery and a matching silver glitter bow, that'll have you feeling as dangerous as a black widow when it's in your hand.

  • Made by Sourpuss
  • Vinyl Body/Satin Lining
  • Embroidered Spiderweb
  • Protective Metal Feet
  • 13" x 7" (33cm x 17.7cm)

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